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At Copilot, we help mission-driven people and organizations inspire empathy to create change. Using code, design, and story, we work with you to create online experiences that move audiences to action on the web, and in the world.


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Website Design


In collaboration with our clients, we create thoughtful, beautiful, user-friendly websites with WordPress and Squarespace. But that's just the beginning of our relationship. We are your long-term partner in creating iterative improvements and helping you hone your skills.

Social Media


The landscape of social media is ever-changing as platforms jockey to get ad dollars and stem the tide of fake news. We marry time-tested truths about marketing with up-to-date expertise about what's working across different mediums to create success.



You can't spell "emotion" without "motion". There's a reason. Emotion moves us to action, and stories are the fuel that spark that empathy. Copilot offers consulting to help you ethically connect with participants, write and share transformative stories.


The Gift of Service

Copilot owner and nerd-in-chief Cary Walski was interviewed for the Pollen Match the Hive Campaign.


"Cary is amazingly competent at many interconnected areas: marketing and communications, web work obviously, design, mission-driven work, managing processes, working with and leading teams."

— Copilot Client


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